Anglers Wonder

The Amazing 5 in 1 Fishing Tool

Anglers Wonder is the 'must have' tool for all serious fisherman's tackle box

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Anglers Wonder is a 5-in-1 Fishing Tool Every Fisherman Needs.


Spike | Gaff | Dehook External | Dehook Internal | Measure


All this without even touching the fish


Grant Dixon


"This useful 5-in-1 tool enables anglers to de-hook fish caught, both internally and externally, as well as iki, gaff and measure their fish - without ever having to come in contact with their quarry.


It is a tool that will especially be useful for those fishing from smaller craft such as dinghies and kayaks.


I have used in on several recent trips and found it has lived up to all its claims."



NZ Fishing News - Editor




Rick Pollock


"Onboard - PURSUIT - we're fishing 250 days each calendar year. During this time we catch a wide range of fish from the lowly terakihi through kingfish and onto the large pelagic gamefish.


Since using Anglerswonder over the past season, we have found a multitude of uses for this tool to make our life easier. It is especially useful on smaller and pesky unwanted species with the dehooking aspect a dream to use. Can I recommend "AnglersWonder? - ABSOLUTELY! "



Skipper Fishing Charter - PURSUIT



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